iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks, Apps, Themes II – Updated List April 16

Rafia Shaikh

Updated iOS 7 Jailbreak tweaks:

As the number of iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and themes grows, it is becoming harder to keep a track of which ones to look forward to and which ones should better be skipped. In this list we will try to keep updating the latest updated iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks, apps, and themes as they keep coming.

- For earlier list, please check iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks - Updated List February 10

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This list is not in alphabetical order as we are adding tweaks and apps as they keep coming. For more details on the mentioned iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and themes, click on them to read their reviews.

iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks & themes:

  1. BytaFont 2 - change system fonts
  2. Weasel - productivity app for iOS
  3. GuestMode - add a guest mode on your iPhone for easier access and better privacy
  4. Forecast - Winterboard theme to add animated wallpapers with weather theme
  5. Sicarius - lets you kill all apps at once; adds 3D effect if enabled
  6. Simplock - removes the Swipe to Unlock text
  7. BlueBoard - change the color of keyboard system-wide
  8. HomeScreenDesigner - free-styling of your home screen, just the way you want it!
  9. Ayeris iOS 7 theme - from the developer of Ayecon
  10. TabLess - removes Notification and Control center grabbers from lock screen for empty look
  11. AutoOK - simplifying access with password
  12. MessagePopper iOS 7
  13. Liminal theme for flatter, neat, winterboard look
  14. DeleteAllMessages - lets you delete all messages in iPhone with a single click. No more waste of time over individually deleting all messages!
  15. BiteSMS - change the native Messages app with better features
  16. BattSaver iOS 7 - the popular iOS 5 and iOS 6 tweak now updated for iOS 7 with graphs and other battery details
  17. CameraTweak 2 iOS 7 - add new features in the stock Camera app of iOS 7
  18. BootSound iOS 7 - change the sound of iPhone boot up
  19. Eclipse iOS 7
  20. Mobius iOS 7 - infinite scrolling in Home screen and folders
  21. UIColors iOS 7 - pick your favorite colors and colorize your iOS 7 experience; effects on built-in apps, App Store apps, Keyboards, and other UI elements!
  22. Flawless HD theme - red / white look
  23. iRa theme - bright contrast look
  24. Anode theme - colorful look
  25. UltraFlat theme - more original iOS 7 look
  26. Enkelt Neue theme - Winterboard theme with bright colors
  27. Radiance theme - colorful and free!
  28. Carla iOS theme - popular iOS theme now update for iOS 7
  29. Barrel iOS 7 - now updated with new animations
  30. NCWeather iOS 7 - enhance Today view in Notification Center with more weather details
  31. IntelliScreenX Beta 
  32. vColor - change the background, volume bar, and text color to match with your theme!
  33. LockToCell - in App Switcher make the title stick with their cards

  34. SpotiSearch - search Spotify directly from Spotlighter

  35. Cylinder iOS 7 - the beautiful and enhanced version of Barrel iOS 7 with a good few animations, available for free
  36. AutoPause - this useful tweak pauses the track when you put volume all the way down

  37. IconLock7 - lock your icons with this tweak which will require to enter a pass to even go to wiggle mode

  38. Vertex Mission Control iOS 7 - JB being built on the concept of iOS 8 bringing control at the core
  39. RocketLauncher iOS 7 - launch your favorite apps right from the lock screen!
  40. Gestr iOS 7 - coolest Mac gestures on your iOS devices now
  41. ColorBadges iOS 7 - matches the colors of badges to app icons
  42. ClassicBadges - iOS 6-style notification badges
  43. Alkaline: change battery and WiFi indicators
  44. HipJot iOS 7 keyboard: Flesky style two-hand Slide, 120WPM Speed, system-wide Keyboard!
  45. SemiRestore7: Restore to near stock OS without Losing Jailbreak
  46. Color Keyboard iOS 7: custom keyboard themes, not just colors!
  47. CustomCover: exclusive custom themes for lock screen when playing music
  48. Badger 7: popular iOS 6 jailbreak tweak now updated for iOS 7. Get quick access to Springboard notifications.
  49. Polus iOS 7: customize control center quick launch apps and add as many apps as you like!
  50. CamText: get live camera feed of the path you are walking on.
  51. ProWidgets iOS 7: widgets-based multitasking for iOS 7 devices
  52. Drunk Mode iOS 7 tweak to help yourself restrict from texting while drunk!
  53. Use Appellancy iOS 7 to unlock your iOS 7 device with facial recognition.
  54. DockFlow iOS 7: add new animations to your iOS 7 dock
  55. MessageBox iOS 7: Get Facebook Chat heads system-wide as the tweak extracts Chat Heads code from FB app and run it through your iOS device's system.
  56. Auxo 2 updated for iOS 7: brilliant replacement for app switcher with quick access links and Multi-Center.
  57. OS Experience to give you a windows-based ease on iOS 7
  58. SaveGram iOS 7 jailbreak tweak to save Instagram photos of the people you follow in just two steps!
  59. Auki iOS 7 will get you quick compose, reply, and silent and stealth modes.

For more, you can check our list (check: iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks – Updated List February 10) that we tried to keep updated as the new jailbreak tweaks came up and the old ones got updated. For better readability, we are compiling this new list with more tweaks, themes and apps.

You can also check this link to get the list of Top Cydia Repositories Updated for iOS 7. Don't forget to help us make these lists more comprehensive with your support!

We apologize for any redundancies found in these two iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks lists.

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