Gestures-Based Gestr App Launcher now for Jailbroken iOS 6 and iOS 7 Devices

Gestr is a popular Mac app that allows you to open applications and bookmarks with gestures. The developer of Gestr Mac app has just released Gestr iOS 7 jailbreak tweak on Cydia. Get the coolest launcher right on your jailbroken devices!

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Gestr iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

Now you will be able to use the coolest way to launch apps on iOS 7 devices just like on Mac. The Mac app named Gestr has been made available on Cydia by developer Mathew Huusko V. Gestr iOS 7 app launcher brings an entirely new way to launch apps and multitask on iOS 7 devices. 

While Gestr may not be that fluid like on Mac, it does offer quite an interesting way to multitask on iOS devices. You can assign any gesture to launch the app. For simplifying it for your memory, you could assign the first letter of the app as the gesture.

Here is how this tweak works:

  • Firstly, assign an Activator action to be able to launch Gestr from anywhere in iOS.
  • Launch an app that you want to assign a gesture to > launch Gestr using Activator action > in the top right corner, tap on Assign > draw a gesture to assign it to that app. I would suggest using the first letter of the app as the gesture to open an app as it is easier to remember.
  • Once you’ve assigned a gesture to an app, all you need to do is use the Activator action to launch Gestr, and then draw the gesture on the screen to launch the app.gestr ios 7 mac app

When a gesture is assigned to the app, you can use the Activator action to launch Gestr. Draw that assigned gesture on the screen and it will launch the app.

The tweak is compatible with both the iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices. Gestr iOS 7 launching and multitasking tweak is available on Cydia for $1.49. You can also choose to download the Mac app for from from the website.

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