Install Jailbreak Tweaks Without Cydia or iFile – How to

Although Cydia is brimming with jailbreak tweaks and the number seems to be increasing each day, there are still a plenty not yet available in Cydia. If you want to use some such tweak that hasn't yet made to repositories, you can manually install it with iFile.

The problem is, you will have to pay $5 for iFile. If you want to install jailbreak tweaks without Cydia AND iFile, here is the free way to go!

How to install jailbreak tweaks without Cydia and iFile:

Required files: Download the .deb file of your tweak. Download iFunBox from these links for your Windows or Mac computer.

Also download, AFC2ADD from the ModMyi repo in Cydia from this link: ADC2ADD is free and gets you access to root system files and folders.install-jailbreak-tweaks-your-iphone-without-cydia-ifile.w654

Process to install jailbreak tweaks without Cydia and iFile: 

Here are a few steps to follow that will let you install jailbreak tweaks without Cydia or iFile:

  • Install iFunBox on your computer and AFC2ADD on your iOS device.
  • Plug your iPhone or iPad with your computer and launch iFunBox.
  • Go to Raw File System > VAR > Root and then go to Media.
  • Click on New Folder icon to create a new folder in Media and name it Cydia.
  • In the newly created Cydia folder, create another folder naming AutoInstall. install jailbreak tweaks without cydia
  • In the folder, select Copy From Mac and locate .deb file. Select Refresh to confirm it's there.install jailbreak tweaks without cydia and ifile
  • Close iFunBox.
  • Now, shut down your iOS device - not, respring.
  • When you power your device on, the newly installed tweak will show up for you to use.

A bit longer than iFile but saves a few bucks.

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