Some of the Best iOS 7 Themes that You Must Have – List

Feb 21, 2014

Although we are trying to compile iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and themes in one list (read: iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks, Apps, Themes II – Updated List), here are the top of the iOS 7 themes that you should definitely check out. We have supported the list with screenshots to help you get a bit of idea. However, you do know these screenshots nearly don’t come out as good as the actual themes look on the devices.

Pick your favorites, and get them!

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Top iOS 7 themes!

– iRa:top ios 7 themes

Available for $2.00, iRa is a high contrast theme with over 100+ icons to choose from! iRa is definitely a must-have if you are into colorful and bright themes. Add the repo from this link ( and purchase and install iRa for a new look!

– Anode:top ios 7 themes

Anode is a free theme that does a good job at matching with your iOS device. Pick from silver, grey, gold to match it with your iPhone!

– UltraFlat iOS 7:top ios 7 themes

UltraFlat design is more like that of iOS 7 – flat. Much colorful and carries funkier look, although not that high-contrasted like iRa, this is a cooling bright theme. The theme is available for FREE; so no excuse of not checking this one.

– Enkelt Neue:best ios 7 themes

Enkelt Neue also looks like the original iOS 7 but much colorful. Simplistic and neat but still gives some change from the native iOS 7 look. Neue is available for $2.99

– Radiance:best ios 7 themes

If you don’t want to spend money on Enkelt Neue, you can choose to get Radiance iOS 7 theme. Radiance is available for free and offer similar colorful look for your iOS devices. Must have for those who don’t want to implement radical changes and just need a bit more color on their jailbroken devices.

– Carla:top iOS 7 themes

Carla iOS 7 is very different from the others in this list. It offers tons of detailing and a load of icons. This theme was previously popular among jailbreaking community for the past iOS iterations. Now updated for iOS 7, Carla i available for $2.99.

– Flawless HD iOS 7:top iOS 7 themes

Another not-so-bright theme is Flawless HD iOS 7. Available for $2.99, Flawless HD gives a white-red look to your iOS. If you are looking to give your device a completely new look, this would be it.