Merged Control Center and App Switcher – iOS 8 Mission Control!


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iOS 8 Mission Control:

A new iOS 8 concept has emerged changing the way multitasking switcher works. It merges App Switcher and Control Center together and brings them both with a simple swipe up from bottom gesture.

Along with App Switcher and Control Center, some changes have also been introduced in Notification Center. Replacing the current translucent Notification Center, iOS 8 concept shows a Notification card that comes down when you swipe.ios 8 mission control


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Here is the iOS 8 concept description from the designer Bill Labus:

- Flicking up from the bottom of the edge allows the multitasking app views to be tied directly to the gesture, which allows for direct manipulation and avoids having to wait for a passive animation to complete before interacting with them.

- The obvious potential drawback to this combined approach is that there is less room available for Control Center- I personally find that I use a couple features of Control Center, but almost never touch at least half of them (calculator, clock, airplane mode, bluetooth). I can’t be sure, but I suspect this is true for a large amount of other users as well, so my solution is to have 5 button ‘slots’ that can be customized with the 5 most used shortcut functions for that particular user.

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