Download Tweaks’ DEB Files Directly from Cydia – How to


Directly download DEB from Cydia:

For the jailbreaking community, if you have ever wanted to get to those executable files, here is the guide to help you out. With few simple tips you can get the .deb files of any jailbreak tweak right from Cydia. Although this method does not apply to any commercial packages - unless you don't pay for them - it would be a helpful guide for those looking to get the deb from Cydia

The jailbreak tweaks which depend on some other installation, you will have to first install them before you can get the deb of that particular dependent tweak.

How to download DEB from Cydia:

Here are the few steps to download deb from Cydia directly:

  • On your iOS device, launch Cydia and navigate to Search tab.
  • Search for APT 0.7 Strict and install it - in case you don't get APT 0.7 Strict in search results, change Cydia Settings to Developer.
  • The package of which you want to get the .deb file from Cydia, locate it and navigate to the bottom of the product page. Find the unique Bundle ID of the hosted package which would in this format: com.developer.thePackageName. Note this ID.
  • Launch any terminal app and type su to login as root.
  • When required, enter the root password of your device - if you have never changed it, the default root pass is alpine; however you are recommended to change it to some better password.
  • Once logged in, type in apt-get -d install [com.developer.thePackageName]. The text in italics need to be replaced with the Bundle ID of your package.
  • In case of any prompts, read and accept with the Y.
  • This process will take a while until the terminal app gets the package. When the process is completed, you will be able to access the .deb file of the package using iFile from the following directory: /var/cache/apt/archives.

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