Color Your iOS 7 Device and Personalize it with a Custom Look


While there are a number of jailbreak tweaks trying to help add some hue to the keyboard or change the look and feel with some theme, there aren't many that allow us to select that hue. UIColors iOS 7 jailbreak tweak does exactly that - letting you choose the color to tint your iOS experienceUIColors iOS 7 jailbreak tweak


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UIColors iOS 7 to colorize your device:

UIColors iOS 7 jailbreak tweak takes themes to next level by giving you the choice of picking up the colors you want to drape your operating system in. Change primary, secondary and the color of the text using ColorUI color picker and HSB sliders and make your iOS 7 device a very custom look.

UIColors iOS 7 applies effects to built-in apps, a plenty of App Store downloaded apps, along with UI elements such as keyboard, Control and Notification Centers, nav and tab bars, toolbars, sliders, and much much more!UIColors iOS 7

Not only this, but if you want UIColors iOS 7 to not colorize some specific app, you can go to settings and blacklist the app to keep it's built-in colors intact.

You can get UIColors iOS 7 from Cydia for $1.49. For a tweak that is flexible enough to give you the handle of choosing colors at so many levels, it surely deserves to be paid.

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