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Badger jailbreak tweak was launched with iOS 6 JB. The tweak let you check your badge notifications by double tapping on an icon or swiping up. Badger has now been updated to suit the design of iOS 7 and named as Badger 7.Badger 7 ios 7 jb

Badger 7 iOS 7 JB tweak:

Badger 7 iOS 7 is a useful jailbreak tweak for those who get a lot of badge notifications. Badger 7 gives you a new way to manage these notifications. Open up notifications by either swiping up or double tapping and then read that notification; or swipe left to manage it.

You can also delete the notification or open up the app by swiping over. From the Messages app if you open Badger 7, you get the option to delete, quick reply, or call the sender along with other options.

Badger 7 iOS 7 tweak lets you manage a few things in settings: change blur, tweak animation speed, darken or change the badge count.Badger 7 ios 7

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