Live Camera Feed of the Path You’re Walking On while Texting

Rafia Shaikh

Writing text messages can be quite a task when you are drowned in the seriousness of it. While texting, it can be risky to keep your eyes focused on text and not on your feet. For those moments, CamText iOS 7 lets you see exactly where you are walking while you text!camtext ios 7Recommended: iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks, Apps, Themes II – List Updated Weekly

CamText iOS 7:

For those of us who are quite uncoordinated, CamText iOS 7 jailbreak tweak will be a helpful assistant. This upcoming tweak aims to help your feet cooperate with you while you are busy writing text messages. CamText uses camera as the background on the Messages app, thus giving you a live feed of the path you are walking on to without ever looking up from your iOS 7 powered device.

If you think that the background camera feed might distract you from reading the text, you can tweak it to a solid bubble to help get more easily readable text. It depends on the color of your background and the text color too; you can select to enable bubble outline from: Messages Customiser > Other Settings > Chat View Settings > Bubble Outline.

camtext ios 7
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Messages Customiser is a neat free tweak that helps CamText iOS 7 work on your jailbroken device. So you would have to install that too. Although there are no further options to set in CamText, you can get an enable / disable toggle if you have installed FlipSwitch on your device.

CamText iOS 7 will be soon available in Cydia.

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