Weasel Productivity iOS 7 JB App for iPhone and iPad


Weasel is a new jailbreak tweak extending the features and capability of Spotlight. Just like Alfred productivity app for Mac, Weasel is a very helpful JB app if you use Spotlight very often. It will make you more productive with seamless functionality of searching, calculator, music integration and more!weasel iOS 7 productivity


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Weasel iOS 7 productivity app for iPhone and iPad:

Here is what Weasel iOS 7 productivity will help you do:

  • Just like Spotlight it allows you to search for apps, Contacts and search the web.
  • It makes it a lot easier to search and play Music on your iPhone as you can play a song directly from the search results.weasel iOS 7 app
  • You can lookup for definition of words by prefixing the search with keyword “define.”
  • You can also use it as a calculator, and copy the results to the clipboard.
  • You can search directly on sites like Google, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia etc.
  • You can also run some system commands like respring, reboot, power off, turn-on/off Wi-fi by typing system and tapping on the relevant option in the search results.weasel iOS 7

Unlike Spotlight, you can activate Weasel iOS 7 productivity app with an Activator action. This way you can access it from anywhere in iOS and not just the Home Screen.

You can get Weasel iOS 7 jailbreak productivity app from Cydia for $1.99.

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