Get Multi-Window Multitasking on Your iPad without Waiting for the Next Gen iPad!


Yesterday, we all drooled over the leaks (which actually shows the perpetual wait of consumers for a saner design of iPad OS from Cupertino designers) and reports of a split-screen multitasking system probably launching with the next-gen iPad variants. While others have taken easier multitasking on their tablets and smartphones for granted, Apple users are left majorly with no good options. However, while we eagerly await the launch of iOS 8 bringing in the actual multitasking for iPad, here is how to get multi-window multitasking for iPad.multitasking for iPad

Get multi-window multitasking for iPad:

To get benefit of this multi-window multitasking for iPad, your first have to jailbreak your iPad (let's hope you already have jailbroken it, otherwise we don't yet have a JB solution for the latest iOS 7.1+ updates). If you have your iPad jailbroken, go to Cydia and get yourself the ever-amazing OS Experience jailbreak tweak.

Developed by Evan Swick, OS Experience jailbreak tweak was long-awaited by fans looking forward to a perfect solution of multitasking for iPad woes. OS Experience jailbreak tweak takes the inspiration from Mac OS X and Samsung's multi-window functionality. Integrating both, OS Experience gives you a perfect solution to multitasking for iPad.

When you install and enable this tweak, you will be able to have up to 5 desktops controlling multiple app windows. Move around, add additional apps in the same screen or resize them to fit your work needs. You can also have a standard interface to have easier snapping like Windows.

OS Experience is available on Cydia for $9.99 - totally deserves the few bucks! Get the tweak, enable it, play it, and enjoying watching your lecture videos while taking notes in the same screen!

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