Add Brilliant New Animations to Your iPhone Dock with DockFlow iOS 7

Rafia Shaikh

DockFlow is a wonderful new iOS 7 tweak bringing wonderful new animations to your iPhone dock. While you may be a fan of Barrel jailbreak tweak, or the Cylinder dock animations tweak, DockFlow will definitely have you swoon over it for quite a time to come.

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DockFlow iOS 7 iPhone dock tweak:

If you are a fan of having different animations on your iOS 7 devices, you will definitely like DockFlow JB tweak. This jailbreak tweak not only adds animations to your dock, it will also modify the appearance a bit. Some animations require you to change the icons spacing for them to look the best. Change the scroll speed or icons perspective. DockFlow iOS 7

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One thing important to mention here is that in the Settings, DockFlow is not named as DockFlow, it is titled as BarrelDock. Tap on BarrelDock and you will see various toggles to tweak scroll, enable paging, remove dock labels, and do more! You can have some 11 of the animations which will make your iOS 7 device dock look pretty beautiful. DockFlow iOS 7

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DockFlow iOS 7 is available in Cydia for $1.99.

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