Updated iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks – 3D Animation, Hidden iOS 7 Menus, App Switcher, and More!


We are trying to keep you updated with all the amazing iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and apps as they keep coming and getting updated for the latest OS. Here are a few "top iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks" that, we are certain, will help you get the best out of your jailbroken iDevice.

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Top iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks:

Sicarius is one of the new iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks coming in the multitasking genre. Sicarius modifies iOS 7 multitasking switcher and lets you kill all the apps at once.ios 7 jailbreak tweaks 3d animation

Sicarius also adds a 3D card animation to your OS whenever you scroll through the apps or kill them. This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is customisable too helping you change its behavior the way you like. Enable 3D or not, enable it for particular actions, etc.

ios 7 jailbreak tweaks

You can get Sicarius from Cydia via ModMyi repo. The iOS 7 jailbreak 3D animation and multitasking tweak is available for free.

Simplock is another free ModMyi repo which is fully compatible with A7 devices. Simplock iOS 7 jailbreak tweak removes the already-simple iOS 7 UI even more simpler. Simplock removes the slide to unlock tech from the lock screen making the UI pretty clean and emtpyishios 7 jailbreak tweaks

- TabLess is another one of the user interface related iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks. TabLess removes the grabbers of Control Center and Notification Center from the lock screen of your iOS 7 powered devices. This tweak is not compatible with A7 devices.ios 7 jailbreak tweaks

Use both the Simplock and TabLess and you'd have almost an empty Lock Screen on your iPhone.

- HiddenSettings7 is a free iOS 7 jailbreak tweak which will let you access to the hidden iOS 7 features. Apparently to be used internally by iOS 7 testers, SpringBoard (the hidden menu with a number of options, tweaks, interface elements, etc), a normal user can access with a jailbroken device.

You simply have to get the HiddenSettings7 package from Cydia to get access to the menu.

Other popular iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks:

  • FlipControlCenter, free | Check the review here.
  • FlipLaunch, free, BigBoss repo. Compatible with A7 devices.
  • iOS 6 Theme (for iOS 7), free, ModMyi repo. Incompatible with A7 devices.
  • iFile 2.0 for iOS 7, free trial/$4, BigBoss repo. Compatible with A7 devices.