“Go Home, You Are Drunk!” – Restricts Your iOS 7 Device When You’re too Drunk

Drunk Mode iOS 7 novelty jailbreak tweak:

As the weekend starts, we thought to share some fun little tweak about which we laughed about. Do you think you drink too much on weekends? The sort of too much that could affect your communication skills? Well, this jailbreak tweak lets you stay away from your smartphone when you are drunk!

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No more getting carried away and sending a whining text to your boss or something disastrous of that sort. Drunk Mode jailbreak tweak has freshly been released on Cydia. This small assistant allows you toggle it on whenever you think you might get too drunk for sending a text message with clear head. When enabled, Drunk Mode iOS 7 JB tweak does not let you send any iMessages.drunk mode ios 7

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The Drunk Mode tweak can be toggled off, if you are just too angry to send that text message so you can't trust on it. It's better to leave your phone with someone else; or else, don't get that drunk (if possible)When Drunk Mode is enabled, and you try to send an iMessage, it tells you that you are drunk and you just need to go home.

You can, of course, go and use any other messaging app like WhatsApp. But you do get a good message to act sane and go home rather than sending a text message that you will regret.

Quite a lovely little novelty tweak!

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