Top Cydia Repositories Updated for iOS 7 – Updated List


Now that we have already compiled an extensive list of jailbreak tweaks (and we are working on another one - don't forget to share your favorite tweaks), it is time to share with you our list of Cydia iOS 7 repos that you shouldn't miss out on. Cydia is brimming with the goodness of tweaks, app, themes, etc. To get hold of them, you need to add different repos from Cydia. Here is a list of top iOS 7 repos that are most certainly the best!top ios 7 repos

Top iOS 7 repositories:

Here is a list of top iOS 7 repositories in Cydia that you must certainly add. How to add a repo? More on that below the list.

  • BiteSMS Beta Repo: BiteSMS is a popular JB tweak re-imagining the stock apps for messaging. To check BiteSMS, go to the beta repo that is allowing users to sample upcoming features too: 
  • CoolStar’s Repo: This repo is for advanced level users offering a pretty good selection of command-line tools. The repo gets constantly updated too:
  • Couria Beta Repo: Unlike BiteSMS, Couria doesn't radically changes the messaging system. However, it does add some pretty subtle changes and quick reply and compose links. Check the beta repo at
  • HASHBANG Productions Repo: This repo doesn't affect the functionality of iOS but rather stylize it. Screen Fade, Tap to Unlock and such style effects can be achieved with this repo
  • iCleaner Pro Repo: iCleaner Pro automatically detects and bans unwanted and unnecessary clutter from your iOS device, hence freeing up much needed space. The app’s beta repo at  
  • Karen’s Pineapple Repo: You will like Karen’s Pineapple repo if you’re into your emulators, etc. A very rich Cydia repo at
  • ParrotGeek Software Repo: If you are looking for some nice little improvements to iOS, check no more! ParrotGeek Software repo is full of useful tweaks such as Siri old Voice for iOS 7, iOS 7 Adrenaline and Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler: 
  • Ryan Petrich’s iOS 7 Repo: Petrich is not a new name and we are certain you already have his repo added to your Cydia. Ryan's is no doubt one of the most used iOS 7 repos in Cydia for it has the most high quality tweaks, especially
  • StatusBarFix2 Repo: We have already shared with you how you can get rid of those pesky idiot ads in the Status Bar - issue that comes with jailbreaking your deivce. Check StatusBarFix2 repo to get rid of those bugs: repo
  • teamXBMC Repo: XBMC is a popular source of open-source media center and player apps. Now updated for iOS 7, you will love it if you are a great fan of watching videos on your iOS device:

We hope that this list of top iOS 7 repos in Cydia will help you get started with your jailbreaking journey. Find out about some cool themes and helpful tweaks. Don't forget to let us know about your favorites!

Add new iOS 7 repos:

As promised before, here is how to add a new repo in your Cydia:

  • Go to Cydia.
  • Tap on Manage.
  • Go to Sources > tap on Edit > and finally tap on Add.
  • Type or paste the address of the repository you want to add, and ta da!