[Updated]: The Popular Winterboard Ayecon’s Sibling Ayeris iOS 7 Theme


[Update]: Ayeris iOS 7 is now available on Cydia for $3.99.

Ayeris is developed by Thientam Bach - popularly known as Surenix - who is famous for his crazy iOS Ayecon theme. While Ayecon has proved successful for iOS 7 too after its latest update, the developer has once again hit the right spot with his upcoming Ayeris iOS 7 theme!

Ayecon iOS 7

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Ayeris iOS 7 theme:

Developer has posted a tease on Twitter using the slogan beauty is in the aye of the beholder. Ayeris iOS 7 theme will be released on February 21 and is being awaited by many of Ayecon fans.

Ayeris iOS 7 theme doesn't implement radical changes in the looks of native iOS 7. You will find it beautiful if you are into enhancing iOS 7 looks and not completely change them. From the teaser looks of it, Ayeris iOS 7 winterboard theme definitely doesn't go overboard with changing and enhancing the standard look.

ayeris ios 7 theme winterboard

To be released in a few days, Ayeris iOS 7 theme will certainly freshen things on your iOS 7 device giving it a renovated, clean and customized look. Ayeris iOS 7 also does you a favor by toning down the icons that are just too bright to fit in the native neat and simple look.

No more details are known as far now, but we certainly can wait a few more days for this pretty theme to launch. We are more than sure that we'd like it considering developer's proven aesthetics and design choices.

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