Use Facial Recognition to Unlock iPhone – How to

The concept to unlock iPhone with facial recognition always sounds cool. Now you too can unlock your iPhone using facial recognition by simply waking up your device and using front facing camera to detect your face!unlock iphone with facial recognition

Appellancy iOS 7 to unlock iPhone with facial recognition:

No more sliding the slide to unlock, enter a passcode, or use TouchID! Simply unlock with face detection! A really exciting tweak has been released in beta that lets you unlock iPhone with facial recognition.

Add the repo and search for then search for Appellancy to get this cool way of unlocking your iPhone! Install the Appellancy jailbreak tweak and enable it in the settings. You also get a few settings that you can customize like disabling facial recognition when you have notifications on the lock screen or having it enable the passcode, etc.
Appellancy iOS 7 unlock iphone with facial recognition ios 7

Open the app from Springboard and you will see a Deny album where you can add people who are not allowed to unlock your device. In case you can't find the Appellancy app in Springboard, remember the icon is not designed yet so you'd see a grid-icon. If not, the app is probably invisible and you need to tap to the next available empty space to start open it.

Create a new album with the + in the top right corner. Tap on the Start button to initiate the process of entering your image which will take some 10 pictures of you and then stop automatically. Ensure to hold the device in different angles to help the app detect even when you are not holding your phone in the front of your face. In case you want more than 10 pictures, you can tap on the Start key to add more pictures in the album. 

use facial recognition to unlock iPhone

Once the album is done, unlock your device with your face visible to the front facing camera and ta da!

Don't forget to get this free little tweak and unlock iPhone with facial recognition. Remember this free offer will expire on April 1st so grab it when you can to decide if you would want the final version!

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