How to Improve iPhone’s Battery Life – iOS 7 Tips

Rafia Shaikh

Annoyed by the battery drain of your iOS devices? Well, we can assure you the iOS devices do offer one of the best battery life time presently available. However, it's still not enough at time. Many users want to have an advanced tool to keep an eye on the details of battery, what's using how much and the like. Here is how you can double up the battery of iOS 7 devices by using one such tool.battsaver ios 7

BattSaver iOS 7 to double up battery life!

BattSaver iOS 7 battery tweak is now updated for the latest iOS 7. This helpful little tweak lets you save battery like never before. While there may be a plenty of other tweaks, BattSaver has no doubt remained a favorite of jailbreaking community.

The BattSaver jailbreak tweak was previously released for iOS 5 and iOS 6 and now helps iOS 7 users to manage battery life for their iOS 7 devices. This tweak is packed with features and offers a smart system to manage battery of an iOS device. BattSaver iOS 7

BattSaver iOS 7 claims that it can help you double your battery life. The tweak does a great job by letting you know about charge cycles, the time it will take for next charge-up, and giving you optimal data of your battery's usage. It also has enhanced controls and switches to keep everything in check from WiFi to cellular data. BattSaver iOS 7 also keep graphs of battery usage helping you with settings to tweak things for your requirement. BattSaver iOS 7 tweak

You can the powerful BattSaver iOS 7 tweak from BigBoss repo in Cydia for $3.99.

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