Latest Black Friday Offer Lets You Secure a 65-inch 4K Smart TV Deal for Just $280

Latest Black Friday Deal Lets You Secure a 65-inch 4K Smart TV Deal for Just $280

If you are still on your shopping spree and on the lookout for a TV, and a cheap one at that, here is one deal that might interest you. Target is selling the gigantic 65-inch Element 4K smart TV for an unbelievable price this Black Friday. Granted, this isn’t the most spec’d-out TV out there but the features that are present are well worth your $280. Firstly, the 65-inch Elements 4K smart TV supports HDR 10 content and has the Roku platform built-in.

Luckily for you, it is compatible with popular content streaming apps like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. It also features 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs with 1 ARC and comes with a user-friendly remote and a free mobile app. While the TV can connect to WiFi, it lacks Bluetooth support. It is also compatible your gaming consoles out there and if you wanted to hook up your gaming PC for a ‘larger than life’ experience, this model is definitely for you.

It’s unlikely that the price will drop lower than this and unfortunately, it is already out of stock in North Dallas. Thus, before your time and existing stock run out, you might want to confirm your order if you want this gigantic TV in your house as part of the latest Black Friday 2019 deal.

Get the Elements 65-inch 4K Roku Smart TV from Target

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