Black Friday 2019 Discounts the Echo Show 5 to $49.99 [Save $40]

Uzair Ghani
Echo Show 5 drops to $49.99

Amazon is currently offering the Echo Show 5 at a discounted price. Just for Black Friday 2019, you can pick it up for $49.99.

Echo Show 5 Features a Built-in Display for the Ultimate Alexa Experience, Discounted to $49.99, Down from $89.99

Having an Echo speaker is great and all, but the real fun starts when you dive into the world of the Echo Show, which as the name suggests, take things to a visual level. This means that you get a far more interactive Alexa, complete with a layout of your smart home and whatnot. Thanks to that display, you can even watch movies and TV shows using Amazon's own services. How cool is that? Pretty cool!

You too can have all that visual greatness with the Echo Show 5, and it's discounted to a crazy low price of $49.99 for Black Friday 2019. Usually, this hardware sells for $89.99, which is decent enough already. But with the $49.99 price tag, you can pick up two of these for your home and have the best Alexa experience you can imagine.

Buy Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa - Was $89.99, now just $49.99

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