Vine Creators Bring New ‘Hype’ Live Video Streaming App – Download Here


Recently, we heard that Twitter discontinued its short-video service Vine. Now, its creators have announced a new live streaming app called Hype. The app is now available on iOS, so be sure to get it if you haven't already. As for now, let's shed some light on the new Hype app and what does it have to offer.

Vine Creators Debut A New Live Video Streaming App Called Hype

Hype is a new live video streaming platform which will compete against the likes of Facebook Live and Periscope. Even though there are abundant live video streaming apps on the market, Vine creators Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov believe that Hype has ample features to set itself apart from the rest. To sum up the experience, it takes the visual essence from Periscope drenched in rich new features.

While the platform is a new on the market, Periscope enjoys more popularity considering the way it looks and feels like. To live stream across the globe, all you have to press a single button on Periscope. Hype, although carrying the same basic live video streaming feature, has a lot of additional capabilities. Let's see some of the feature incorporated in the new video streaming app that makes it better than the rest.


One of the major features of the app is its ability to add other media content into your live streams. You have the ability to share photos, GIFs, videos to your live stream directly from your camera roll.  You can also play music from your iTunes library and add emojis, text and various background themes in your live streams. These are some of the features which are not present on the many live video streaming apps. This will possibly give Hype an upper hand in terms of functionality.

Viewers on the other hand can add comments on live streams. They have also been bestowed with the ability to participate in polls. Broadcasters can favorite comments, that ensures more interaction compared to other platforms on the market.

Periscope is well integrated within Twitter and same is the case with Facebook Live. Hype is a standalone live video sharing platform and it might need some time to catch up with the giants of the industry, unless it features something really unique and different.

Hype is now available on the App Store, so be sure to get it right now. Moreover, an Android version is in the works and will be available shortly. Do you think Hype is the best answer to the discontinuation of the short-form video sharing app, Vine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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