Amazon’s $29.99 Fire 7 Tablet Deal for Black Friday 2019 is Crazy Good

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet discounted for Black Friday

This deal really does take the cake. You can pick up a brand new Fire 7 Tablet straight from Amazon for a price of just $29.99 instead of $49.99.

Black Friday 2019 Deal Discounts the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet to Just $29.99 Making it a No-Brainer Purchase

Tablets are getting cheaper these days, and Amazon is making sure that they are so low priced that everyone can get their hands on one. With the current deal on the Fire 7 Tablet, Amazon is making that a reality and it's actually the best deals around on a tablet.

We saw the 10.2-inch iPad drop to just $249.99 yesterday, but the problem was, it was still pretty expensive for a lot of users out there. Many would just pick up a tablet for an extremely casual experience without worrying at all when it comes to things like display quality, speaker quality, etc. If that's the case for you then you just can't go wrong with the Fire 7 at all. It has all the essentials baked right in for a great tablet experience. But in my opinion, the real winner here is the size. At 7-inches, this tablet is actually pocketable. Just take it with you anywhere at all. It's so cheap that you don't have to worry about it breaking either.

Can this deal get any better?

Buy Fire 7 Tablet (7" display, 16 GB) - Was $49.99, now just $29.99

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