Apple Pencil 1 Discounted to $79 for Black Friday 2019 [Was $100]

Apple Pencil 1 discounted for Black Friday 2019

Amazon has just unearthed a splendid deal on the Apple Pencil 1. You can grab one for just $79 instead of the usual $100 price.

Apple Pencil 1 is an Excellent Deal for Just $79 - The Ultimate Pointing Device for the iPad Lineup

It's fascinating that Apple doesn't sell a single iPad that doesn't support the Apple Pencil. If you are buying one of the latest iPad Pro models, then you have to make do with the second-generation Apple Pencil. Anything else will work just fine with the Apple Pencil 1. And if you are have decided that you need an Apple Pencil 1 for the iPad you picked up super cheap for Black Friday then you will be delighted to learn about today's deal.

For just $79, you can pick up the Apple Pencil 1 for a wonderfully low price of just $79. For that price, you are getting Apple's pointing device that is good for a lot of things. This includes drawing, writing, taking precise control of what's on the screen and more. It's pressure sensitive, knows when it's tilted and even charges using the iPad's Lightning port, a method which everyone makes fun of. But hey, it's the Apple Pencil at the end of the day, the best in the business.

Buy Apple Pencil 1 - Was $100, now just $79

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