Some of the Best Custom ROMs Based on Android Lollipop

Custom ROMs are possibly one of the biggest reasons why some users prefer Android over other mobile platforms. Not only these give you the ability to customize your devices just like the way you want them, but they also enable you to get the latest Android OS versions regardless of the notorious delays that OEMs and carriers are famous for when releasing Android updates.

- Top Custom ROMs Based on Android Marshmallow (for various Android devices)

Android 5.0 Lollipop adoption rate isn't some huge success story with only a few devices having received the update. As we inch toward Google I/O where company is expected to release its next major OS release in the shape of Android 6.0 Marshmallows (yep, we seem to favor these marshmallowy things), it's high time to finally adorn your Android devices with some Lollipop love in preparation.

Here are some of the most popular, stable, and regularly updated Android Lollipop custom ROMs. We will wait for your suggestions as well to make this list as helpful to users as possible. So don't shy away and do share your favorite Android Lollipop custom ROMs with the readers too.

Android Lollipop custom ROMs:

- LiquidSmooth Lollipop custom ROMs:

One of the most popular custom ROM on KitKat was quickly updated to Lollipop as well. Based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop AOSP sources, LiquidSmooth is reportedly a very fast and stable custom firmware packed with a ton of features like SlimPIE, Lock screen and notification customizations, gestures, call blacklist, and much more. You can read some of our guides on LiquidSmooth Android Lollipop custom ROMs with complete list of features for:

- TeamUB Lollipop:

Another custom firmware that is quickly being released for various Android devices is the TeamUB Android Lollipop custom firmware. The firmware supports OTA updates so you won't have to flash the ROM again and again. ROM is being updated for different issues as they come and is recommended by many of our readers. Here are some of the guides that could help you get TeamUB Lollipop for your Android device.

- CyanideL Android Lollipop:

Rather new in our regular list of custom ROMs, CyanideL is now available for Android Lollipop. Here are some of the features of the ROM:

  • Gesture Anywhere
  • Gesture Lockscreen
  • Heads Up Notifications
  • Shift Kernel by @rogersb11 built with Linaro
  • Cyanide L Material Dark UI (Work in Progress)
  • CustomToast, System, and ListView Animations
  • Custom Power Menu Options
  • Custom Quick Settings Tiles
  • Colorized Statusbar Icon Options
  • Colorized Notification Headers and Icons Options
  • Screen Recorder
  • Custom Navbar with custom actions and shorcuts
  • Theme Engine
  • PIE Controls (WIP)

You can flash CyanideL Android Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S3.

- EuphoriaOS Lollipop:

While this list is in no way being shared by the order of loveliness or performance of the ROMs but if it was we are pretty sure, EuphoriaOS would be somewhere at the top. We have been asked about EuphoriaOS Lollipop firmware for all the Android devices possible. Here are some guides to help you get this ROM for yours:

- Resurrection Remix:

Resurrection Remix is a beautiful mixture of various popular sources including CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid (missing from the scene so far), AOKP, and original Remix. This Lollipop based custom firmware offers some great features like Halo, Active display, Lockscreen Notifications, Application side bar, Notification panel tweaks, Music Toggle, Pitch Black UI Mode, Camera mods, ListView Animations, Custom system animations, Custom progress bar, and more.

Here's how to flash Resurrection Remix on:

CyanogenMod 12.1:

No introduction is needed when it comes to CyanogenMod. CM released CM12.1 Nightlies later in April for a multitude of devices. The ROM features signature CM goodies and gives you some strong customization handles. Here are some of the guides that we have covered so far; you can also get more details and downloads for your own device from official CM page.

More Lollipop custom ROMs:

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