Galaxy Note 20 Specs, Features, Cameras Will Sadly, ‘Not Be Significantly Changed’ From Galaxy S20, Says Tipster


Slowly, Samsung is finding it difficult to separate the differences between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family. With the release of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra and their ‘larger than life’ screen sizes, there’s going to be an even bigger struggle marketing those differences between these models and the Galaxy Note 20. If you wanted to get flashed with even more disappointment, a tipster believes that there’s very little difference between the two, as not just the Galaxy Note 20 specs, but the cameras are expected to remain the same.

Galaxy Note 20 Design Could Be Different With Squared-Off Corners and the Addition of an S-Pen, but That’s About It

Tipster Ice Universe has a decent track record when it comes to Samsung-related news. The latest tweet talks about the Galaxy Note 20 specs, stating that these ‘will not be significantly changed compared to the S20 series, including cameras’. Out of the blue, Max Weinbach also joined the thread, stating that ‘basically everything is the same’ and we should just think of the Galaxy Note 20 series as a more squarish Galaxy S20, but with the addition of a stylus.

The Galaxy S20 Display Issues Have Returned

If that’s really going to be the case, then it looks like customers will have very little motivation picking up one of these. In fact, there will be more motivation picking up a member from the Galaxy S20 because it has hardly been a month since the official release and both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus have been discounted by $200. This implies that when the Galaxy Note 20 launch is official, Samsung could introduce some attractive price cuts to the Galaxy S20 series, making them a viable option for lots of customers.

However, things shouldn’t look that bleak as there are other small, but important changes to look forward to. For example, the Galaxy Note 20 display is said to be upgraded. Unlike the Galaxy S20 family, the Note 20 might sport a WQHD+ 120Hz screen, with one option to dynamically change the refresh rate depending on the content you’re viewing to optimize battery life. The base storage option might also be decreased to 128GB, resulting in a cheaper starting price.

Other Galaxy Note 20 specs might include faster eUFS 3.1 storage, as Samsung has started mass production for this memory. However, a previous leak mentioned that the upcoming phablet, as well as the Galaxy Fold 2, might feature a Snapdragon 865. With the Snapdragon 865 Plus rumored to arrive in Q3 2020, it makes sense to use a slightly more powerful SoC and start marketing the differences between the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20, since Samsung will need all the material it can get its hands on.

If there aren’t enough differences, Galaxy Note 20 sales might be disappointing for this year and the next. Fortunately, none of this news has been confirmed by Samsung, so treat it with a pinch of salt for now. Our recommendation is to stay tuned for more updates on the matter since there are a lot more leaks and rumors inbound.

News Source: Twitter (Ice Universe)