Galaxy Note 20 Development Reportedly Started With 128GB of Internal Storage Being Offered for the Base Model


Now that the Galaxy S20 announcement has been done and dusted and the first sales report has also emerged, it’s about time we move on to Samsung’s next flagship, which will likely be called the Galaxy Note 20. SamMobile claims that the next Galaxy Note series will lower the entry-level storage specification, which means the base internal memory will be less than that of its predecessor.

The publication reports that one Galaxy Note 20 variant with the model number SM-N981 will offer 128GB of base storage. Now, 128GB might sound inadequate for a premium phone and even last year’s Galaxy Note 10 comes with at least 256GB of storage. So, why the downgrade? Well, there could be several reasons behind that.

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First off, it could be that this time around the vanilla Galaxy Note 20 will offer a microSD card slot expansion, something which its predecessor lacked. This will allow users to expand storage and make up for the built-in capacity. After all, if Samsung is going to carry over the camera specs of the Galaxy S20 to the Galaxy Note 20, it will have to provide users with plenty of storage. While we’re at it, it’s highly likely that the upcoming series will also provide 8K video recording support. Hopefully, Samsung can increase the 5-minute video recording limit at the aforementioned resolution.

Other than that, if you look at the initial reports, it seems like the Galaxy 20 failed to perform well in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. This has been partially attributed to the coronavirus but the outbreak isn’t the only culprit here. Apparently, the prices of Samsung’s latest phones have been deemed too high, which explains the lukewarm response. Reverting to 128GB of base storage can perhaps help the company ensure there is an affordable option for those who don’t want to splurge and keep the demand afloat in not just South Korea, but other regions.

According to previous reports, the Galaxy Note 20 will have a more fine-tuned 120Hz display, which implies it might feature variable refresh rate technology. Other details remain sparse, but brace yourself for a torrent of rumors in the coming months. Also, in the future, we can expect Samsung to drop the prices of the Galaxy S20 range, so if you’re not too keen on picking any Galaxy Note 20 model, you can always avail a cheaper Galaxy S20 option.

News Source: SamMobile