[UPDATED] Samsung is Killing the Plus Variant from the Future Galaxy S Phones

Furqan Shahid
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[UPDATE] It seems like the information provided by The Elec was not correct, as several reliable sources have come forward and revealed that Samsung has no plans to ditch the plus variants going into the future.

One of the most renowned tipsters, Roland Quandt, shared the following tweet:

[ORIGINAL STORY] Now that we know that the Galaxy S23 series is going official on February 1st, less than a month from now, it is time to start figuring out which device you want to get your hands on. I believe the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the model that will be selling the fastest, with the base Galaxy S23 version being the second forward. The same cannot be said for the Plus variant because, since the Galaxy S20+, Samsung has not been differentiating the Plus variant aside from giving it a larger screen and battery.

Samsung wants to kill the plus variants, likely because of a lack of sales

Based on this pattern, Samsung might kill off the Plus variant as early as next year. This means that the Galaxy S23+ will be the last Plus variant you will be able to get your hands on; after that, the Galaxy S24 will only have a base and an Ultra model.

This news was shared by IceUniverse, who showed a snippet from TheElec talking about the demise of the Plus variants.

One could argue why Samsung would want to kill the Plus variant, and that is because the Galaxy S22+ sold poorly, and the same can be said about the Galaxy S21+. The last plus variant worth looking at was the Galaxy S20+ which managed to differentiate itself from the base model thanks to an added camera module.

With all that said, I would ask you to take this with a grain of salt. Why? Because the Galaxy S23 series is still not out, and for all we know, the plus variant can end up selling better than it has sold in the past, and that could end up changing Samsung's decision. But then again, nothing is set in stone, so we cannot say what's going on.

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