The Galaxy S20 Display Issues Have Returned

Furqan Shahid
The Galaxy S20 Display Issues Have Returned

The Galaxy S20 was a big deal for Samsung as it ushered the series into a new era. Sure, there were some people that did not like it as much but if that phone proved anything, it was that Samsung is not messing around. However, a few months ago, years after the phone's launch, users started talking about how the device displays were doing, and in most cases, the phones were out of warranty which means that the users had to pay out of their pockets for the screen replacement.

More Than 2 Years SInce Launch and Galaxy S20 Screens are Having Display Issues

However, it now seems like the issue is widespread as more users have started reporting that the screens of their Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are displaying a green or pink line that is running down the screen. For several users, this issue happened after a recent update, but many users have also reported that the issue has been showing up before the update. This only suggests that a software update is not something that is causing the issue.

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While it is safe to say that such issues happen when the screen goes through damage but it does seem like a hardware issue as more and more Galaxy S20 users are reporting this issue. If you remember, the Galaxy S20 series did go through a certain issue back when it was released but Samsung was quick to fix that with a software update.

However, considering how the Galaxy S20 is more than two years old, getting the display fixed is something that customers will have to see for themselves. If the issue is widespread as it seems, Samsung might come up with a way to compensate the users but at the moment, we have not heard much.

Are you still rocking a Galaxy S20 device? Let us know how the phone is fairing.

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