Unlock Your iOS Device with Gestures – How to

When you have your passcode enabled on iOS device, it gets pretty annoying to unlock your device repeatedly. No passcode and you make your device vulnerable to unauthorized access. The latest Genie jailbreak tweak helps you to quickly unlock your device with gestures, making the entire process quite easy.

Genie jailbreak tweak for gestures-based unlocking:

This new gestures tweak lets you have a variety of gestures to help you access your iPhone when you have a passcode enabled. Genie is a simple little tweak to ease the process of unlocking with no extensive features. You get a switch to toggle the tweak off or on along with a Settings panel to help you select gestures you want to use in unlocking your device.Genie jailbreak tweak

You also get a toggle to disable normal way of unlocking, and another to bypass your password. To make your unlocking even more secure, you can enable the Disable Normal Unlock which prevents the passcode screen from appearing. This actually help you control that only way to access your device is through your selected Genie gesture.

Genie jailbreak tweak is available in Cydia for $0.99 and will work with everything iOS 7+. Let us know if you find Genie jailbreak tweak helpful in easing the unlocking process.

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