Find Lost iPhone – Remotely Enable Location Services with Activator iOS 7


Activator is one of the most favored and used jailbreak tweaks. Developed by Ryan Petrich, Activator lets you assign different actions that make certain events happen. The triggers that make these actions happen can be a gesture, a tap, a press of a button, or anything else. Just like triggers, actions' list is varied too! Here is what you can do with Activator gestures:

  • Add iOS 7 iPad images
  • Update locatizations
  • Block automatic clickthroughs in the ad view
  • Reenable biometric sensor when event mode changes, so event always works
  • Fix shutter/camera actions on iOS 7
  • Support slide gestures on the lock screen on iOS 7
  • Fix single press menu button even at lock screen on iOS 7

Remotely trigger with Activator iOS 7:

The actions list can actually be extended via tweaks on Cydia and you enable or disable them through settings. However, there is a trigger very little known in Activator - sending a text message. You read it right! You can trigger an action by sending a text message which essentially means you controlling your device remotely!

It is even more essential for circumstances when you have lost your iOS 7 device and need to enable locations services. What better and possible way than to send a text message from a different device!

Here is how to remotely enable location services to find your lost iPhone with Activator iOS 7 JB tweak:

  • Install Activator from Cydia and launch it.
  • Tap on Anywhere > Edit > scroll down > tap on Receive Message.Activator iOS 7
  • Create a new event: in Message field enter the text you want to send to trigger a particular Activator action. Try to be discreet if you don't want to alarm the recipient. Keep the sender blank if you want to be able to trigger from any number. If you want to specify any trusted phone, you can.activator ios 7
  • Tap on Save > Done.

Once the trigger event has been created, you need to assign a new event.

  • Scroll down for Receive Message sub-section. Tap on the Message containing turnonlocation.
  • From the list of Activator actions select the appropriate action.Activator iOS 7

Ta da! No more worries of losing the track of your phone. Simply text your phone location or whatever text you had entered.