Samsung Working on a Proper Galaxy Fold Successor, With Evidence Provided in Fresh Codename Leak

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Proper Galaxy Fold Successor in the Works, Suggests New Codename Leak

For the longest time, it was assumed that the Galaxy Z Flip would succeed the Galaxy Fold. However, given its different design spotted in a hands-on video, disappointing specs, plus a report stating that a true Galaxy Fold successor armed with a Snapdragon 865 would arrive soon, it’s clear that there are more foldable models arriving. More evidence to that has been provided in the latest codename leak, which we think you’d love to read about.

Galaxy Fold Successor Sports Codename Winner 2, With a Separate 5G Variant Reportedly in the Works

Winner 2 or Win2 is the codename given to the Galaxy Fold successor, or the Galaxy Fold 2 if we go by numerical order. The disappointing thing about this leak is GalaxyClub reports that the upcoming model isn’t going to tout a flashy new concept of have a significant number of changes. Still, the least Samsung can do is improve its structural rigidity, as previous reports have shown that even after being left on its own, the Galaxy Fold continued being a fragile piece of hardware.

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Apart from the Win2, work is apparently being done a Win2 5G. As the name suggests, it will feature a separate 5G modem. If reports suggest that a Snapdragon 865-fueled Galaxy Fold successor is in the works, then it means Samsung will most likely use the Snapdragon X55 5G modem. It’s certainly the best choice at this time since all iPhone 12 models slated to arrive later this year are also rumored to have this modem.

Considering that developed markets are aggressively racing to popularize 5G networks, it’s would be a smart move from Samsung to have a 5G-ready Galaxy Fold successor sold alongside the regular version. We do believe that the 5G-ready version would be a tad bit expensive, but Samsung most likely isn’t keen on mass producing this model. Until the technology matures, which will take some years, don’t expect premium foldable smartphones with high-end specs to get any cheaper.

The most expensive foldable handset is the Mate X at this time if you do direct currency conversion, so our assumption is that the Galaxy Fold successor’s price will cost as much as the original Galaxy Fold. What are your impressions about the upcoming model? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: GalaxyClub

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