The Samsung Logo on the Galaxy Fold Is Falling Apart, One Letter at a Time, Revealing Another Design Flaw

Omar Sohail
Letters of the Samsung Logo Are Falling Apart on the Galaxy Fold

When YouTube channel JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson put the revised Galaxy Fold under his torture test, he did highlight the fact that the reflective letters on the top of the carved Samsung logo are likely to fall off after some time. However, you would expect them to stay put for a year at least. Sadly, that’s not the case with the Galaxy Fold. What should have been an innovative breakthrough for the Korean giant has turned out to be a PR nightmare for the technology giant.

Twitter user @KurbysS says that the Samsung logo on her Galaxy Fold is already falling apart, bit by bit. Three reflective letters have already disappeared, and who knows how long the remaining ones will last. Either way, this is not something that users expect from a brand new handset, especially if it costs close to $2,000.

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Of course, the Samsung logo peeling off is actually a minor setback compared to the other things that could have gone wrong. Although Samsung has made some changes to the Galaxy Fold, the recent iFixit teardown reveals that the phone is still pretty fragile. Although Samsung has tried to cover the spots that can let dust enter and lead to screen failures, some outlets have already reported problems, with one reporter stated that a miniature blemish has appeared on the larger display after owning the foldable smartphone for little over 24 hours.

Thus while we understand how frustrating it must be for @KurbysS to see the phone lose its holographic Samsung logo, the silver lining is that this will not affect the functionality of the handset in any way. So far, it seems no one else has this problem. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if we get to see similar reports in the future.

Since Galaxy Fold’s hinge is apparently pretty robust, the worst that can happen with the Galaxy Fold is screen failure. That’s why Samsung has offered to replace the screen of the phone for only $149, but this is just a onetime offer. If the screen breaks again, be prepared to pay more.

Do you think the lack of quality control on an expensive device like this is appalling? Should Samsung take note of this incident immediately? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (KurbysS)

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