Galaxy Fold 2’s Display Could Become More Flexible and Durable at the Same Time as Samsung Tests Out Combination of Materials


The Galaxy Fold 2 display could finally see attributes that customers have been wanting to see from a foldable handset that can stand the test of time and physical abuse. Until now, we’ve only got to see the exorbitantly expensive and fragile disaster that was the original Galaxy Fold, and the Galaxy Z Flip announcement didn’t help matters if Samsung was looking to improve its reputation. According to a report, the Korean giant might have found a way to mix two materials together to create the ultimate form of glass tailored for foldable smartphones.

Samsung Could Use an Amalgamation of Polyimide and UTG and Create a New Galaxy Fold 2 Display

A report from The Elec citing industry sources details that Samsung is planning to incorporate the use of both polyimide, or PI as well as UTG or Ultra-Thin Glass to make the ultimate solution for the Galaxy Fold 2 display. This combo isn’t just expected to make the screen much more flexible, but durable too. Looking at the two foldable smartphones Samsung has launched so far, we’d say that this is quite a development, although it remains to be seen if it will provide similar protection when compared to Gorilla Glass 6.

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Looking at the fragility of the Galaxy Fold from a teardown process, as well as a durability video showing how easy is it is to puncture the Galaxy Z Flip’s display and damage it permanently, Samsung will need to find a viable solution and fast. No one likes paying a ridiculous amount for a smartphone only to have them develop witness some kind of hardware issue that wasn’t caused by the user. While we will say that the Galaxy Z Flip is the most durable foldable smartphone to date, there’s more development to be seen from Samsung’s end.

Aside from the Galaxy Fold 2 display, the upcoming flagship might also come with S Pen support, and its launch might happen much sooner than we expect. Since the Galaxy Z Flip sports a Snapdragon 855 Plus, it won’t be surprising to see the Galaxy Fold 2 specs include a Snapdragon 865 Plus, or a Snapdragon 865 as the bare minimum. The camera system won’t be as ambitious as the hardware present on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it should still be a respectable configuration.

If this PI and UTG combination of glass turns out to be the real deal, should we forget about any display problems emanating from future Samsung foldable smartphones? Let us know down in the comments.

Image Credits: iFixit

News Source: The Elec