Activator iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak – Beta 2 Released with New Features


Activator iOS 7 jailbreak tweak has been updated with new features and functions. The developer of so many Touch ID based tweaks, Ryan Petrich, has now released a beta version of Activator adding some new features for iPhone 5s users. activator ios 7 jailbreak tweak

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Activator iOS 7 jailbreak tweak lets you use Activator for any action. Now updated to the beta 1.8.4-beta2, Activator iOS 7 helps the iPhone 5s user by adding an Activator action for each fingerprint set in Touch ID. This will let you exclusively specify actions for your fingerprints. Set up an app action for your thumb print and set another fingerprint to send a mail. activator ios 7

Add Ryan Petrich's repo in Cydia from this link and install the latest Activator version. Or update to the latest if you have already installed Activator.

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Activator iOS 7 jailbreak tweak features:

The latest Activator beta version also introduces other features and the usual bugs and performance improvements:

  • Add iOS 7 iPad images
  • Update locatizations
  • Block automatic clickthroughs in the ad view
  • Reenable biometric sensor when event mode changes, so event always works
  • Fix shutter/camera actions on iOS 7
  • Support slide gestures on the lock screen on iOS 7
  • Fix single press menu button even at lock screen on iOS 7

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