2020 iPad Pro Teardown Reveals Same Battery Capacity as 2018 Model, Single Triple Camera Assembly, and an ‘Abysmal Repair Procedure’

Omar Sohail
2020 iPad Pro teardown

After disassembling the 2020 MacBook Air, the iFixit team hasn’t wasted any time and recently finished up with the 2020 iPad Pro teardown. More specifically, the bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro was taken apart and according to the teardown process, the placement of the internals reveals that Apple’s newest tablet lineup is just an incremental upgrade over the 2018 series.

iFixit Gives 2020 iPad Pro Teardown a 3 Out of 10 in Repairability - Same Frustrating Disassembly Process

Just the 2018 models, the 2020 iPad Pro teardown was just as complicated, with multiple screws needed to be taken off in order to get access to the logic board. Once iFixit got to the logic board, it revealed the A12Z Bionic, which you should know is actually a renamed version of the A12X Bionic with an extra GPU core enabled, according to the latest report.

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This means that users who are looking to upgrade to the 2020 iPad Pro should ignore it if they already own a model from the 2018 series. The only possible upside in purchasing a new iPad Pro is access to 6GB RAM models, irrespective of which storage model you purchase, which wasn’t the case with the previous-generation versions. You also get a triple rear camera array, which comprises up of one primary 12MP camera, one 10MP ultrawide angle unit, and one LiDAR sensor.

Unless you’re completely driven on using that LiDAR camera, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to purchase the newer version. Two interesting details from the 2020 iPad Pro teardown reveal that despite the small number upgrades, Apple didn’t need to sacrifice the battery capacity. This model sports the same 36.59Whr capacity as the one present in the 2018 model, meaning you’re expected to experience the same ‘screen on’ time. The other one is that the triple rear camera assembly comes right off as a single unit, so it can mean fewer steps are needed for when this component needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the rest of the 2020 iPad Pro teardown any less painful, as iFixit gave Apple’s newest tablet a 3 out of 10 in repairability. For those disappointed that they weren’t able to see a boatload of internal changes, perhaps you should wait for those future iPad Pro models. They are expected to ship with Apple’s 5nm A14X Bionic silicon, along with having 5G support, and possibly a mini LED screen, with a launch rumored later this year.

In short, there’s a lot to forward to.

News Source: YouTube (iFixit)

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