A12X Bionic vs A12Z Bionic Performance Difference Isn’t Much in the Latest Alleged Benchmark

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Both of Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro models feature the company’s new A12Z Bionic. Judging by the name, it could only be a slightly more powerful version of the A12X Bionic found in 2018 iPad Pro lineup. To see how different both of these chipsets are, the first benchmark highlighting the performance differences between the two has come forth.

A12X Bionic vs A12Z Bionic Performance Results - Only the GPU Test Reveals the Biggest Difference

The 2020 iPad Pro model in question is the 11-inch one, with the latest AnTuTu benchmark revealing that the new slate obtains an overall score of 712,218 points. Sadly, that isn’t much compared to the 2018 version, as the previous-generation iPad Pro passed the benchmark with a total of 705,585 points. In case you wanted to see the biggest performance difference, there’s only one category showcasing that, and that’s the GPU side.

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According to the scores spotted by MySmartPrice, 2020 iPad Pro garnered 373,781 points in the GPU test, while the 2018 iPad Pro amassed only 345,016 points. Surprisingly, the one area where the new iPad struggles to obtain a lead against its predecessor is the memory performance test. It’s possible that the lack of software optimization would result in these differences. Otherwise, the 2020 iPad Pro is better in every way.

What’s most disappointing about this A12X Bionic vs A12Z Bionic initial performance result is the lack of differences between the two chipsets. Then again, Apple has stuck to the same ‘A12’ figure for this year, otherwise, if it was a groundbreaking chipset, the technology giant would probably be naming it the A13X Bionic or something else. Apple also hasn’t highlighted any speed differences on its iPad Pro’s home page, implying that there might not be much to separate the A12X Bionic and A12Z Bionic apart from an incremental speed increase as well as more GPU cores.

It’s rumored that Apple will release 5G-ready 2020 iPad Pro models later this year, so let us see if these feature an A13X Bionic or not. Hopefully then, we’ll get to see some real number differences.

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News Source: MySmartPrice

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