Apple’s New 2020 iPad Pro Breaks Like a Biscuit in Durability Test, Apple Hasn’t Improved Anything this Year


Apple hasn't improved anything in the latest 2020 iPad Pro compared to the previous generation. The latest durability test by JerryRigEverything, Zack shows how the 2020 iPad Pro's weak points are still the same and no improvements have been made in this regard. You can check out the comically informative video down below.

No Improvements in the 2020 iPad Pro's Durability Compared to the 2-Year Old iPad Pro

iPhone 6 adhered to the infamous 'bendgate' issue back in the days where it used 6000 series aluminum. However, the company took note of it and introduced the iPhone 6s with 7000 series aluminum, which was a lot harder to bend. However, it looks like Apple did not see fit to improve the build quality of the 2020 iPad Pro which is launched two years after the original iPad Pro with Face ID was introduced.

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The durability test begins as Zack begins citing that Apple hasn't repositioned the microphone hole on the side. This is the weak spot where the 2018 iPad Pro bent. Seemingly, the 2020 iPad Pro bends from the exact same spot - the microphone on the side. It's odd how a device refreshed after two years faces the same issue. While the material being used is one aspect of the story, the repetition of the same weak spot is questionable. The 2020 iPad Pro indeed breaks like a biscuit.

However, inside the Magic Keyboard, the 2020 iPad Pro is pretty durable and not prone to bending. Nonetheless, not everyone will buy the Magic Keyboard due to its hefty price. Henceforth, it would have been great if the durability of the tablet was improved. Check out the video for more details on the 2020 iPad Pro's durability.

Apart from the bending and the breaking, the 2020 iPad Pro features the same screen as its predecessor. It's not clearly sapphire as it scratches at levels 6 and 7 as can be seen in the video. The covering on the rear camera that Apple claims to be sapphire also scratches at the same level as glass.

The video also shows more aspects pertaining to durability so be sure to check that out as well. What are your views on the iPad's durability?