TEAMGROUP Reveals T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5 Memory, Up To 32 GB Capacities & 5200 Mbps Speeds

Jason R. Wilson
TeamGroup's T-Force Vulcan DDR5 Series Memory Unveiled, Up TO 5200 Mbps Speeds & 32 GB Capacities

TEAMGROUP has unveiled its next-gen T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5 GAMING memory, allowing users to access high efficiency and new levels of overclocking for enthusiasts.

TeamGroup's T-Force Vulcan DDR5 Series Memory Unveiled, Up TO 5200 Mbps Speeds & 32 GB Capacities

The T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5 GAMING utilizes an aluminum alloy heat dissipater inside a uniform, single-body design, designed and manufactured "through a sophisticated stamping process." The sleek design elements and multi-angled aesthetics set the newest T-FORCE VULCAN GAMING line above the current level and into the future. Along with its state-of-the-art looks, it has the access to provide up to 2x32GBs modular dual-channel modes with up to 5,200 MHz frequencies.

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During TEAMGROUP's Online Launch Event earlier in 2021, TEAMGROUP revealed the T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5 GAMING MEMORY. After the launch of the newest DDR5 memory, it has since caused several overclocking enthusiasts and high-end gamers around the world to chomp at the bit to acquire the newest DDR5 memory from the company for themselves. The DDR5 memory utilizes a "special thermal conducting silicone to strengthen the adhesion between the heat sink and the memory, enhancing the cooling of the power management IC." TEAMGROUP's revolutionary design in thermal technology efficiently transfers heat from the top to the bottom of the memory module, while maintaining optimal temperatures for stability and use to be maintained.

It is available in frequencies of 4,800MHz and 5,200MHz and capacity options of single 16GB and 32GB sticks and dual-channel 2X16GB and 2X32GB kits, meeting the needs of a wide range of consumers seeking ultra-fast speeds. The VULCAN DDR5 GAMING MEMORY is fully tested for compatibility and reliability and will deliver incredible performance to gamers and overclocking enthusiasts around the world.

Following are all the memory module manufacturers that have announced their respective kits:

The T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5 GAMING MEMORY showcases support of XMP 3.0 for One-Click Overclocking, a technology Intel created for the most recent and up-to-date memory profile technology. With its IC power managed, along with featuring "on-die error correction code (ECC) for more reliable and efficient power usage," the TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5 GAMING MEMORY provides high performance with computing at stable levels.

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