Surface Duo 2 to Feature Snapdragon 888, According to Fresh Benchmark Details

Surface Duo 2 to Feature Snapdragon 888, According to Fresh Benchmark Details

We have already seen what the commercial units of the Surface Duo 2 may look like when the product officially announces, but there was no word on its internal specifications. Thankfully, a new benchmark listing reveals partial information regarding what sort of hardware the dual-screen device will sport, and while it is not disappointing, it could have been better to compete with upcoming products.

New Benchmark Listing Also Shows the Surface Duo 2 May Be Limited to 8GB RAM

If you check out the Geekbench 5 listing, the Surface Duo 2 in question obtains the same score as a device running a Snapdragon 888. Other details show it is running Android 11, with a total of 8GB RAM. Currently, Microsoft has not publicly stated that if it will introduce Android 12 down the road or if it will sell the Surface Duo 2 in higher RAM configurations, but the specifications below are likely what we will see.

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While Qualcomm has a more powerful chipset available in the form of the Snapdragon 888 Plus, it is likely Microsoft will not opt for that due to thermal constraints. The Surface Duo 2, just like its predecessor, could tout an extremely thin form factor, and when you are dealing with such limited space, compromises will be made. Fortunately, there are insignificant differences between the Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 888 Plus, to the point where users will probably never notice them in real-world tests, so it will not matter.

What will matter is Microsoft addressing the limitations and issues of the original Surface Duo. If you do not recall, the first-generation dual-screen device lacked NFC, not to mention customers complaining about build quality issues ranging from the crooked fingerprint reader to the raised glass front and breaking of the plastic frame. For a product carrying a $1,399 price tag, this was simply unacceptable. Hopefully, Microsoft does not receive the same complaints when the Surface Duo 2 launches.

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News Source: Geekbench

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