Pixel 4 Sales Were Not Mentioned by Google CEO, Implying the Flagships Are Off to a Terrible Start

Omar Sohail
Pixel 4 Sales Not Mentioned by Google CEO

There was a lot of hype built around Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. With a high refresh rate screen coupled with Motion Sense, both of them appeared like solid flagships for 2019 that also offered one feature not yet present on any smartphone. Unfortunately, buggy software hampered the launch, and the starting price tag of $799 didn’t help matters if Google’s main objective was to improve shipment numbers. It’s possible that Pixel 4 sales didn’t do as well as the company would have liked, as the company CEO Sundar Pichai made no mention of how well they sold.

Although Google says that its hardware wing is a multi-billion dollar business, the company didn’t reveal the exact sales numbers for its Pixel phones during the recent earnings call. That being said, the Mountain View-based giant did say that hardware sales have been declining and with Pixel 4 missing from the list of devices that are doing well, we can assume that the company’s latest flagship phone isn’t driving a lot of sales.

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Now, we aren’t reading between the lines, but since Google openly celebrated the promising sales of the Pixel 3a, it’s natural to assume that they would have done the same if Pixel 4 was doing well at the market. Also, it’s not all that surprising, given the fact that the company increased the trade-in discounts for its 2019 flagships, within days of their release. That perhaps explains why the company didn’t talk about the Pixel 4 sales at all, and instead mentioning how it wants to deliver great user experiences with the phone and broaden distribution, as stated below.

“With Pixel 4, we continue to build out our capabilities and are keenly focused on execution, delivering great user experiences and broadening our distribution.”

Although the Pixel 4 lineup of models have a lot going for them such as a 90Hz display and stock Android, the battery life, low amounts of base storage, design, and the missing ultra-wide lens are all sore points. Moreover, as implied by the frequent Pixel 4 sales, consumers aren’t willing to pay a high price for the phones, when they can get much better alternatives at the same cost.

With the impending arrival of the rumored Pixel 4a series, we can expect a repeat of last year’s events. Apart from a lower price tag, the upcoming mid-tier phone is also expected to have slimmer bezels and a punch hole for the selfie camera, which will be a first for Google. The Pixel 4a series will likely be revealed during the Google I/O 2020 keynote that will happen from 12 to 14 May.

News Source: Android Authority

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