Google I/O 2020 Will Start on May 12–14 at Shoreline in Mountain View

Anil Ganti

Google just revealed the dates of its highly-anticipated I/O event. It will be held between May 12-14th at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View California. Google has maintained a tradition of putting out cryptic puzzles that contained some information about their upcoming events. This year's puzzle involved bringing a satellite back online using a bevy of commands.


Like every year, it didn't take long for the internet to figure this one out, and soon enough, the completed version of the puzzle was unveiled. This is what it looked like:

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Shortly after, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai put out a Tweet confirming the time, date and location of Google I/O 2020. Google should announce ticket prices and availability soon. Prices can go as high as $1,000, but Google is known to offer student discounts from time to time. Lastly, one has to fill out an application to note their area of technical interest and reason for attending the conference. The process should start in the coming week or so.

It is largely a developer-centric conference, with just a small part being reserved for product-related announcements. However, we've seen some of Google's most notable features get unveiled at I/O. The Google Pixel 3a was one of the devices that were officially announced at the conference.

So, just what can we expect from Google I/O this year. For starters, it wouldn't be surprising if Google releases a Google Pixel 4a. Its predecessor was, after all, hugely popular. Furthermore, we can also expect to know more about the upcoming Pixel Buds sequel that was teased at the Pixel 4 launch. We could also see some new Nest hardware make its debut.

Most of the announcements made at Google I/O happen to be software-centric. This year, we can expect to learn more about some Android 11 features, an even newer Google Assistant, and other updates to existing Google services.

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