iPad Pro Magic Keyboard USB-C Passthrough Port Allows Charging Speeds of up to 22W

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard passthrough USB-C port offers 22W of charging speed

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro features a USB-C passthrough port and it allows you to charge the tablet at a fairly respectable 22 watts.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Offers Magical 22W Charging Speed While Using the USB-C Passthrough Port

Announced alongside the 2020 iPad Pro, the new Magic Keyboard is an accessory that brings Apple’s tablet closer to a real computer, although it still has a long way to go. The Magic Keyboard has scissor switches for an exceptional typing experience, a trackpad to take advantage of Apple’s newly added mouse features to iPadOS, and a passthrough USB-C port for charging.

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In case you are wondering how fast that passthrough USB-C port is on the new Magic Keyboard, then you will be delighted to learn that it offers speeds of up to 22W, thanks to info shared on Twitter by TheVerge’s Dieter Bohn:

In comparison, your 2018 and above iPad Pro can draw power of up to 30W when needed. In fact, in order to take full advantage of that passthrough USB-C port, Apple’s own 18W USB-C charger won’t cut the mustard. Something that can supply power up to 30W will do just fine.

While the ‘22W’ figure might sound interesting, keep in mind that this will vary depending on the amount of charge your iPad Pro is currently holding. As you cross that 80% charging mark, expect charging speed to drop down dramatically. If you are charging a completely drained iPad Pro then there is a possibility that the passthrough port allows speeds of up to 25W or more. But again, that remains to be tested, and something which we will keep an eye on.

Personally, I am a fan of the Magic Keyboard but it’s not something that I need at this point. I don’t even use a mouse with the iPad Pro. If I have to go through that trouble, I rather use my MacBook Pro instead. But still, the accessory will definitely send you down the rabbit hole whether or not you want to start using your iPad Pro like a traditional computer and less like a meme machine.

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