USB-C Port on Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is for Charging Only


Before you get excited that you will be plugging USB drives into it, the new Magic Keyboard's USB-C port is for charging the iPad Pro only.

Magic Keyboard Offers a USB-C Port for Pass-through Charging the iPad Pro, Nothing Else

Probably the most surprising announcement today was the Magic Keyboard for the new 2020 iPad Pro. Rather than going ahead with the known origami style keyboard, Apple went 'screw it' and decided to make the iPad Pro float and use physics to keep everything upright. With that design choice, Apple appeased users by adding a USB-C port into the keyboard's hinge. While most of you think that it's a fully capable port, let me break your heart right now and tell you that it is not.

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Well, that port is for charging purposes only. What this means is that if you have a dongle plugged in or copying something huge from something like a drone or a camera, then you can charge up your iPad Pro at the same time thanks to the Magic Keyboard. Sure, some dongles offer pass-through charging, but you are left with cables dangling around, which honestly, is not a great sight and can put a lot of strain on the one and only port on your iPad Pro.

Sure, I would have loved it if the Magic Keyboard supported file transfers instead of just charging, but then again we are dealing with Apple here, so small baby steps at a time, OK?

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