50+ New Flappy Bird Alternatives Launched – No More Missing!


Flappy Bird was taken down by its developer from both the iOS and Android stores after its crazy popularity. We saw many alternatives come and go and the Flappy Bird addiction died a bit too in the past few weeks. However, there are still many Flappy Bird who are looking for Flappy Bird alternative to keep their addiction satiated.Flappy Bird alternatives

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Worry not! As here is a fresh list of Flappy Bird alternatives. Who knows one of these might start getting the $50,000 for its developer. There have attempts from Apple and Android to restrict developers submitting Flappy titles; there seems to be no end to it though.

Top Flappy Bird alternatives:

Here are the new Flappy Bird alternatives that you could download and get addicted to:

  • Flying Duckie
  • Flappy Penguin – Revenge
  • Easy Flappy Penguin
  • Flappy The City Flyer – Premium
  • Floppy Worm – A Flappy Worm that flies like a bird!
  • Flappy Ninja Kid | Flappying in the Dark Galaxy
  • Flappy Mania
  • Zeppy Zeppelin
  • Tap Car
  • Flappy Parrot – A Tribute Game
  • Ninja Bird
  • Flappy Reef
  • Tweety High Fly
  • Flappy Pyro Bird
  • Flappy Duck – OneAppStudio
  • Flapping Dino
  • Office Bird: Splashy Quest of Love
  • Flippy Kitty
  • Jumpy JellyFish
  • Surfin Bird
  • Flappy JR
  • Super Pipe Bird
  • Flying Brick
  • Teeny Tiny Bird Free
  • Little Crow Pro
  • TapToFlap!
  • Flippy Bird 3D
  • Flying Flappy Fish HD
  • Buzzy Bug
  • FlyCraft
  • Flappy’s Pipe Dream
  • Candy Bird – Candyholic Clumsy Bird
  • Flying Mustache
  • Sad Bird – the upside down one
  • Flying Zombie Bird
  • Chubby Birdy
  • Flap brids
  • Splashy Turtle
  • Tappy Fish!
  • Fok’n‘Fly
  • Ugly Bird
  • Flappy Mipsters
  • Silly Fish
  • Swimmy Fish Adventure
  • The Pipe
  • Scatty Fly
  • Bouncy Birdie

Currently, the U.S. App Store lists four Flappy Bird genre games in the top five list! These include:

  • Flappy Wings
  • Hoppy Frog
  • Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
  • Splashy Fish

Source: The Guardian

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