Download Flappy Bird for Android – Or Not!

Why should you not download Flappy Bird for Android from just anywhere!

When we talked about Flappy Bird dying and then finding it back through the FlappyBird.apk, there was an obvious concern of security. No one of us wants to infect our phones just because of a copycat game. But well, Flappy Bird is not just another game. It is definitely a craze and may be one that would be talked about longer than expected flappy bird for android


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While Android's open platform allows you to install apps from unknown sources on your Android smartphones and tablets, it comes with security concerns. Case in point? After seeing the craze of Flappy Bird, it dint take long for hackers and spammer to scam the FlappyBird.apk files and market through Facebook and various other channels trying to seduce us into downloading them and thus infecting our dear devices.

Thanks to that malware, various of users and Flappy Bird fans got cheated and ended up infecting their Android devices. The hackers and spammers are trying not only to infect your Android devices and get sensitive information but also trying to cash this gaming craze by sending premium text messages.

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According to various news reports from a plethora of trusted websites, Sophos Security downloaded one such malicious FlappyBird APK file for Android and installed it. The security firm found that the downloaded game asks for unnecessary permissions including the permission to send a text message on user's behalf.

Sophos discovered that game does let the user play for a brief time but when the trial is over, a notification comes up asking user to send a text message on a premium SMS flappy bird for android

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While we understand that you really want to get on to this latest (and now almost dead) tech craze, try to please not download Flappy Bird for Android through APK files from sources not trusted.

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