[Updated x3] Get the Flappy Bird Cheats to Score Higher at this Terribly Maddening Game!

[Update]: Ironpants has taken over the spot of Flappy Bird. Similar mechanics and same annoying behavior! Check out details and tips here.
[Update 2]: - Here is How to Get, Find or Restore Flappy Bird on your iOS and Android Devices!
[Update 3]: Enough of Flappy Bird and Ironpants? Try Out the Happy Flappy Bee and Use these Cheats!

Someone is worried about how Flappy Bird is just "capitalistic monstrosity" copying so many elements from Mario games, others are vocally hating on this new mobile gaming trend. However, I would try my best to remain unbiased and help you, regardless of your hate or love relationship with this controversial game, to score higher at this game. Here are the ultimate top Flappy Bird tips to get you up above the scores!flappy bird cheats

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Flappy Bird cheats and tricks:

Flappy Bird is no doubt the latest hottest game in the Stores. Regardless of how much one hates it, the game is definitely addictive. Now if you are still reading this - I tried to drag - I am sure you are eager to get above the scores of your friends. Don't get frustrated; no more stupid words, here are the Flappy Bird cheats and tricks that we hope would help you get a bit better at game, quickly!flappy bird cheats

  1. Try to find your best spots at the screen and stick with that spot. Whenever you have to tap, use that spot so that you can get used to it and stay out of your own way. Select a spot, like bottom right corner, that is both smart and doesn't obscure the coming pipes helping you to see the arrangements as early as possible. You could also use a stylus for better and clear visions.
  2. For the aforementioned reason of having clear vision and not obscuring the game with your own fingers, is to choose tablet over phone for this game. That is, if you own a tablet. You will get much better results and score when you use a tablet for Flappy Bird.flappy bird cheats
  3. Since Flappy Bird is a very simple game, there is simply no way to hack this game but to time your own way of playing it. Time your taps and improve your skills at it. Try to tap quickly and spontaneously and with regular intervals. Just make a habit of tapping to better your skills of getting the bird through the pipes without touching them.
  4. Practice at the game to improve your tapping skills and timing - as said above. Learn to recover after the rise and dips; double-tap up, pause down, and stable yourself quickly. Practice, practice, and practice more!
  5. Disable notifications and toggle off the sound to have a complete and dedicated attention to the game. Alerts, notifications can easily distract you or trap in to tapping, tripping and pipe smashing stupidities. Sounds off, offline, game on!Flappy Bird cheats
  6. When we are talking about Flappy Bird tips that have to do with external noise, try to close the apps too. Rebooting before you play also considerably makes the game smoother than its usual annoying behavior.
  7. Calm yourself down! No, we are not kidding. The best Flappy Bird tip that we can give above anything else is not stress yourself out. Breathe, be calm, and don't stress yourself as it would only lead you to wrong taps. Breathe. Focus.

Don't be mad with this latest trend. Enjoy it till the game gets sued for copying so many visuals from Nintendo's Super Mario series. Till then, get to the top of this maddening popular game!

[Update]: Developer has decided to take Flappy Bird down on February 9, 2014! Check the details here >> Developer Taking Flappy Bird Down Tomorrow – No, Not Because of the Legal Issues!

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