How to Get, Find or Restore Flappy Bird on your iOS and Android Devices!


Even though Flappy Bird is gone, it is not yet wiped off the face of planet Earth making it very much possible for us to get it someway or the other. If you have deleted the game accidentally, or want to have it just to be part of this craziest gaming episode of the recent times, here is how to get Flappy Bird or restore it. Don't worry if you have missed out on this party or accidentally lost it. Here are the ways that we hope would help you.

how to get Flappy Bird

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How to get Flappy Bird back or restore / find it?

If you have accidentally (or just in annoyance) deleted the game, you can still try to get Flappy Bird back on iOS and Android devices. Go to Purchased section of App Store and try to re-download the copy. No promises, but there's no harm in trying and saving this game for your grand kids?

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As far as Android is concerned, it is more tangible to restore Flappy Bird on there using the plain old apk way. Here is how to get Flappy Bird on Android:

  • Search Flappy Bird apk in Google and download the file.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > check Allow installation of apps from unknown sources > select OK.
  • Go to File Explorer and click the downloaded new file; you can also transfer the file to your SD card and insert it into your Android phone.
  • Now the new file gets installed and you will have the Flappy Bird game again on your Android device. Ta da!

Note: please remember that downloading apk files from untrusted sources can lead to infecting your device with malware. Check out this recommended read before you head out the apk way.

Now, if you can't get Flappy with methods above, then you will have to compromise and get something similar. Ever since the craze of Flappy Bird, we have seen a ton of other mobile games offering same level of addiction, annoyance, stupidity, and phone-smashing moments. Here are the TOP Flappy Bird like games that will certainly help your craving of Flappy Bird:

  • Ironpants - the best and the most popular game replacing Flappy Bird.
  • Fly Birdie
  • Flappy Wings
  • Flappy Bird Flyer
  • Clumsy Bird
  • Flappy Bee

Now if this can't satiate you, then please go and get that $150,000 phone on ebay having Flappy Bird on it.restore flappy bird

Many are up on eBay with biddings going as high as $80k. Which brings us to the one best advice we could give you right now; DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DELETE FLAPPY BIRD ON YOUR PHONE. You might just be able to get a few good thousand dollars selling it.