Enough of Flappy Bird and Ironpants? Try Out the Happy Flappy Bee!

Like Ironpants, another mobile game titled Flappy Bee is also gaining some attention for being very much like Flappy Bird. However, it is not that crazy like the aforementioned two games. Flappy Bee, also being called Happy Bee, gives you a rather a needed break from Flappy Bird and Ironpants by letting you win - a lot, all the while keeping you totally addicted!

At Flappy Bee, all your goal is to tap and collect various types of plants and moons. To get even the best scores out of Flappy Bee, here are the cheats, tips and tricks to help you out!Flappy Bee cheats


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Flappy Bee cheats, tips, and tricks:

Here are a few Flappy Bee cheats, tips, and tricks to help you get the top scores of this mobile game.

  • While flowers look like obstacles and we end up playing Flappy Bee trying to save ourselves from them, it's just no big deal. There are NO obstacles in Flappy Bee, so just fly free and higher!
  • The toughest part of Happy Bee is collecting 50 honey jars while keeping the bee at the back. Try to keep the bee at the left side of the screen. For a longer run, skip moving back and forth and keep collecting more and more moons and flowers.Flappy Bee cheats
  • While flying, collect as many goodies as possible. It's all about collecting various sorts of plants. Once collected enough and you get the "achievement complete" message, let your bee die. Yes, please. It will help you unlock a new achievement and with more collects to be made.
  • Unlike Flappy Birds and Ironpants, controlling Happy Bee isn't that annoying. Use short taps and otherwise just hold your finger on the screen to collect most of the plans and moons and complete achievements faster.

That's it. Flappy Bee is one easy game and doesn't inject hulk smashing guts into you. All the while, it does get you addicted to the game and thus is a good alternative to Flappy Bird.

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