[Updated with Screenshots]: Flappy Bird Returning in August – Dev Working to Make the Game Less Addictive!


Flappy Bird return with multiplayer and more features:

Recent news suggest that Flappy Bird may be making a come back later this year with a lot of new features, and possibly different gameplay modes. Flappy Bird saw a crazy social media following earlier this year. The game was suggested as being too addictive for a healthy routine and grabbed much media attention since its over-the-night popularity and just, as similar, removal from the App stores. Flappy Bird return is expected in August with some new features to be introduced.Flappy Bird return

Flappy Bird became a favorite because of its 8-bit graphics and a gameplay that challenged players to fly a small, yellow bird through pipes. The game had a similar look and feel as of earlier Super Mario builds. At its peak days, Flappy Bird was generating its maker over $50,000 a day in advertising revenues. This frustratingly challenging game became popular over both the iOS and Android stores, having over 50 million downloads. At its very peak, its creator dramatically announced to take it down citing that he never wanted this much attention and also hadn't expected that the game would add in to the stress levels of gamers.

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After its demise, we saw tens and possibly hundreds of Flappy Bird copies trying to get some limelight and gamers' attention (some of them did succeed, but none to the level of the Flappiness itself), until the stores stopped approving any Flappy Bird copies. In the recent turn of events, CNBC reporter Kelly Evans writes that Flappy Bird will be coming back later this year possibly with a new multi-player feature. Talking to Flappy Bird creator Dony Nguyen, Evans said that the new version could be ready as soon as August, however, Nguyen didn't share any specific dates.

Evans reports that Nguyen is working to make the game less addictive which actually mirrors his reasons of taking down the game in the first place. Creator of Flappy Bird is also working on other games apart from Flappy Bird involving a player jumping from building to building. This comes as a rare development as Nguyen avoids any media attention and doesn't usually give interviews to the media outlets. Here are the tweets posted around this issue:Flappy Bird return Flappy Bird return Flappy Bird return

[Update x1]: 

Flappy Bird creator Nguyen has tweeted the screenshot of his upcoming game involving jumping men and buildings. Here's the new game's screenshot:

@dongatory: I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while

Flappy Bird return

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