Check Out Ironpants Cheats to Get to the Top of this Similarly-Annoying Flappy Bird Replacement

Now that Flappy Bird is gone, we need some replacement of the ragingly popular game of the recent times. And whoa, whoa, have we already got one replacement? Ironpants comes bearing a striking resemblance to the monstrous Flappy Bird. Taking same level of raging difficulty and insane level of hypertension (or hyper-craze), you will love Ironpants if you have liked the Flappy Bird.

Here is How to Get, Find or Restore Flappy Bird on your iOS and Android Devices!

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While Flappy Bird was all about controlling the bird, Ironpants is more about a superhero who wants to stay in the sky for as long as possible. As we have already suggested you to not smash your phones and tablets but simply check out our cheats, here is another post to give you some tips that will help you get high scores in Ironpants - or rather help your mobile devices survive your blows. 

Ironpants cheats, tips, and tricks!

ironpants cheats

No more discussion about legal issues or Nintendo's "kind" request of taking the Flappy Bird down, as we have got the replacement! Read on to get some helpful Ironpants cheats, tips, and tricks!

  1. A plenty of our readers have shared that playing for the sake of it and not for scoring helps them
    get the gist of the game. Start playing a few good times just to get in rhythm. Practice short jumps and drops, perfect your timing of jumping one or two squares, etc. Just don't worry about the score at all. Play it to perfect it before you can win it - almost sounds Shakespearean.
  2. As advised on our Flappy Bird tips list too, do not obscure your own viewing field. Left-hand or right-hand, keep your finger at the bottom of the screen and give yourself good vision of the screen and incoming crates.ironpants cheats
  3. Again, very much like Flappy Bird, you can have better score at Ironpants if you play on a tablet rather than a smartphone. Tablet offers better and expanded screen increasing your viewpoint. Those added inches will help you get the vision and space needed to make informed and focused taps. If no tablet, just keep your taps on the bottom of the screen and don't obscure yourself.
  4. To have your superhero longer life, stay near the center as it's one of the safest points in Ironpants. To keep your hero safe from barriers and space issues, try to stay in the center to increase your chances of clearing through the gaps. Most of the space in the game are near the center, or upper and bottom center of the screen, so stick to these points.ironpants cheats tips
  5. Very similar to Flappy Bird, it's all about getting to the science of tapping. The controls are so sensitive that your game cannot afford you to take your finger off the screen for a second. To save your hero from violence, use quicker and focused taps. Remember, it's not about keeping your finger stuck to the screen, it's about timed, quick, and focused taps that will save your hear in staying alive a little bit longer.
  6. The most important asset in your game is your hero and NOT those floaty crates. Focus more on your hero than the incoming crates. You can't really keep up with crates so it's better to stick with your hero and manage his jumps and falls.
  7. Keep yourself prepared for those drastic sharp drops that will drag your hero to rock bottom. Never let your superhero fall too low or high on the screen that it'd become unmanageable for you. ironpants cheats
  8. You know this game is just Flappy Bird 2.0 when it comes to annoyance and level of difficulty. The best thing that we had to offer over Flappy Bird is the best thing we could offer for Ironpants too. Calm yourself down. Everyone knows it's a stupid game made to annoy and tease you. So just breathe and relax yourself. Practice the taps, get to beat this game by getting a bit robotic. It helps. Seriously.

Don't turn into a smashing superhero; just relax. As they say it's just a game! So try to beat this game by being a little scientific with your taps. And when your fingers start getting human, give them a bit rest and let them breathe. You will do good!

Word of caution! This game is only for those who can spend hours and hours on it, since only practice will let you get the hang of Ironpants. Hope these Ironpants cheats and tips help you a bit. Good luck, gamers!

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